STS Society

STS Society

About Us

We are a small community of people who are passionate about bringing a change to our lives and our houses. Home remodeling and renovation for us are more than just processes, those are real adventures full of interesting details. And we are ready to share our tips and secrets with you, so you can enjoy that adventure too.

How We Can Help You

You can find many different types of content on our websites. We also try to keep the communication and threads going, so people can share their ideas and ways.

  • We can give you advice on materials.
    Choosing materials for your remodeling might take a while and cost you a lot. This is why you need some advice, especially if you’re dealing with something you don’t know. We have vast experience with different materials and can help you out when you are confused.
  • We publish guides to DIY remodeling.

If you’re passionate about DIY stuff and are willing to start a new grand project on home remodeling, you can find many useful tips and other kinds of information on our website. You also might find our ideas to be really inspirational or share yours, so others can enjoy DIY remodeling too.

  • We can help you hire good contractors.
    Hiring contractors is a big part of your renovation. If you find a wrong team, your experience will be really unpleasant and you won’t want to risk it again. It would be better if you spend some time and check our pieces of advice on how to find an appropriate team of contractors whom you can trust your house with.
  • We can share our stories and answer your questions.
    We also share our remodeling stories and new projects to keep the community vibrant and going. If you want to, we will publish your story too, there are many people willing to hear about your experiences. Also, you can pick up many cool ways and ideas from the experiences of real people.
  • We provide you with the guides you need.
    We have a lot of guides for different projects and plans. If you’re starting a remodeling and don’t know what to start with or are unsure of how to create a financial plan for your renovation, we will help you out. We can find you the best solution.

We will be really happy to hear your remodeling story and we hope that you can help us make this community bigger and better. We always welcome our new members and want to create a lovely atmosphere where everyone is cherished and appreciated. If you have a way for us to improve your experience, you could contact us. We can make the remodeling world a little bit warmer.

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